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If you want to become an entrepreneur, whether full-time or in addition to your other pursuits, dropshipping is one of the easiest ways to start since you don’t have to deal with the two most expensive aspects of any eCommerce store: inventory and shipping. 

How does a dropshipping business starts?

  1. Choose a niche.
  2. Perform competitor product research.
  3. Find a reputable dropshipping supplier.
  4. Build your online store. 
  5. Market your dropshipping business.
  6. Analyze and improve your store.

If you are a beginner, it takes more than 6 months to experience the whole process from step 1 to 6 as mentioned above. Being a partner of BBR.Studio, we have got you covered from step 1 to step 4, and you can start your international business within 3 days. We clear your headaches and time to try and error in the whole business starting process. 

We are opening up a Dropshipping Partnership Programme. The way of how dropshipping businesses work is by customers placing orders on your website and as your dropshipping supplier, BBR.Studio will be sending the products directly to them. In essence, what you’re left with is marketing — creating an effective strategy to attract your target audience and convert it into sustainable revenue. 

You only have to take charge of your sales, we have got you covered from the International Shipment, Custom Clearance, Packaging, and Delivering to you / your customer's doorstep.

Partnership Rights: 

  • We will offer you the wholesale price with no minimum purchase.

    - You could earn the difference where the profit margin starting from USD10, USD20, USD50,... with any selling price you set. 

    - Every single item has gone through the following important process:

    1. Selection: We ensure all items are trending with huge market demand

    2. Examination: No defective item. We take charge of the quality control of your products before sending them to you / your customers. 

    - We assured your product quality and minimize the risks that you could be facing while doing the stock order, and maximize your profit margin!

  • No big-cost bulk buy. No box stacking in your living room. No rolls of sticky tape and shipping labels. BBR Studio sort the inventory, and ship orders directly to your shoppers. There's no paying to BBR.Studio until your customers pay you. You buy at one price and sell at another. The profit in between? All yours. 
  • Fast shipping worldwide. Shoppers around the world are able to purchase from your site. We will get the order ship out from Korea directly to your customers' doorsteps within 7 days. So start your international business now! 

 Limited Availability only! Sign Up Now! You are on your way to sell online globally!