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Why do we create BBR.Studio?

As a professional seller, are you facing the following problems ever?

 - The price of the offline wholesale market is too high that greatly reduces your profit margins. 

- There are too many choices and risks when you wholesale in many online platforms just like Alibaba or Wish. 

For example, when you want to place an order in Alibaba, you are likely to face the following problems: 

- Always wanted to get the latest trend of jewelry/ accessories products from Korea, but there are so many barriers to clear. 

- Too many stores and repetitive products, just choosing the product and will exhaust your time and patience. Selecting a product with the right price and quality from 1,000+ suppliers is a difficult and complicated project for anyone. 

- Even the worst things happened! The products you purchase this time may come from multiple stores, which often means that you need to communicate with several suppliers at the same time. 

- The product you selected may not reflect the quality as reviewed by the other sellers on the Alibaba "Review" section.

- The product quality control from each store is definitely inconsistent. You need to negotiate with multiple stores and so on . 

Only experienced people know how bad this is. 

Anyone wants to know, is there a platform that can help the small and medium-sized wholesalers or the new-join online sellers to solve the above problems?

Yes! This is why BBR.Studio builds the best online wholesale market for wholesalers and retailers